About Aleshamart

Welcome to Aleshamart.com, We are an online commercial transaction platform. We started with one goal in mind to make lives easier with a vision to introduce to shopping without any barrier all over the world. We are determined to empower people to solve and simplify their daily needs.

Aleshamart is an e-commerce brand under Alesha Holdings Ltd. In this Digital era of Bangladesh where e-commerce business is booming, here we are offering varieties of product and service to meet the market demand. After digitalization of Bangladesh there are many foreign brands came here and tried to fulfill the market supply and demand. But here being as a local company, Aleshamart is proud to fulfill the local market demand and represent Bangladesh Globally.

Actually, aleshamart.com is the new generation e-commerce site decorated with customized facility and services to ensure all the human needs. We are burnished with finest technology and best plan to serve every member. We have designed our own delivery system which is the only one and pioneer for the 24*7 delivery in Bangladesh. We are committed to reach faster than your expectations to make you smile with satisfaction. We have introduced some finest technology to make your desire easier and search tools that suits your expectations. For your every demand, we are designed with everything. For the first time in Bangladesh, we have introduced open auction covering all categories and hobbies. We are connected, passionate and capable to deliver the value you are seeking.

What Does Alesha Mart Do 

Aleshamart simply make the best out of simple process. Find the best product, offer the best price, present it to the customers who seek and desire the quality, deliver it really quick.