White Glo Breath Freshener Mouth Spray 20ml Sku: HB-BNB016-BAYN

Tk. 450.00


  • Brand: White Glo
  • Product Type: Mouth Spray Freshener
  • Size: 20ml
  • Origin: Made in Australia

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White Glo Breath Freshener mouth spray provides fresh breath confidence 24/7. It contains a strong powerful Peppermint flavor. It is small, discrete, and convenient to use. White Glo fresh breath confidence throughout the day when you do not have the chance to brush your teeth. Formulated to give the same fresh breath feeling as experienced after brushing with White Glo. Food particles and bacteria build-up are the cause of bad breath. White Glo Breath Freshener Spray doesn’t just mask bad breath but helps to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. Never worry about bad breath again. This is the perfect oral care accessory to carry with you for that just brushed feeling when you’re unable to brush.

Size: 20ml. Made in Australia & direct import from Australia. 100% authentic and quality product.